Transitional 2’s Program

This program is held one day in the Fall Semester and two days in the Spring Semester.

Children attend with a parent during the Fall semester and then transition to going to school on their own for two days starting in January.

Program Information:

Monday (with parent)
9:00-10:30 AM

Monday & Tuesday (without parent)
9:00-11:00 AM


Social/Emotional Development
*Learn about self and others
*Learn to trust caring adults
*Play, take turns, and share with other children
*Learn to be a member of a group
*Separate from parent

Physical Development
*Learn about moving
*Control movement and coordination
*Improve gross and fine motor skills

Cognitive/Intellectual Development
*Enjoy books and being read to
*Awareness of pictures and print
*Engage in pretend play
*Learning through play and imitation
*Know name and other’s names
*Learn about communicating and using words to express needs

Creative Development
*Listening to music and sing songs
*Arts and crafts-learn shapes, colors, through weekly art project