2 1/2 Year Old Program

This program is designed for children 2 1/2 by September 1

Program Options:

  • 2 Days: 8:45-11:30 AM                    Thursday – Friday
  • 3 Days: 8:45-11:30 AM                    Monday – Wednesday
  • 5 Days: 8:45-11:30 AM                    Monday – Friday


Social/Emotional Development
*Separates easily from parent
*Accepts direction from teacher
*Adjusts to new situations
*Plays and interacts with other children
*Communicates: able to express needs to others
*Participates in circle time
*Listens to and enjoys stories
*Gains self-confidence and tries to do things independently

Physical Development
*Weekly gym class with specialist: gross motor skills (jump, balance, run, hop, march)
*Fine motor skills (uses scissors and glue)
*Works simple puzzles
*Holds crayon/pencil correctly (or what works for him/her now)

Cognitive/Intellectual Development
*Knows first and last name
*Recognizes name in print
*Identifies colors, numbers, and simple shapes
*Knows some letters and their phonetic sounds
*Able to follow a simple direction

Creative Development
*Participates in arts and crafts activities
*Expresses self through imaginary play
*Participates in weekly music class with a specialist